The Temporal bone dissection competition remains an integral part of the training of the young Otologist. In an attempt to promote Temporal bone dissection, The Indian Society of Otology conducts the Temporal Bone dissection Competition at every annual conference of the ISO.

The contest is open to both Post graduates, Residents and Consultants. Conference registration is mandatory to participate in the contest.

Each candidate should submit three temporal bones each with the following dissection

1.Translabyrinthine approach to Internal Auditory Meatus
2.Exposure of semicircular canals, labyrinth and facial nerve
3.Dissected according to candidate’s own choice
Suitable illustration, labeling and explanation should follow each dissection.
The bones will be evaluated by a suitable committee and the prize winner will be selected at the Executive Committee meeting at the venue of the conference.

Note : ISO membership is not mandatory for Post graduates and Residents.
As part of ISOCON 2016, we are having a poster presentation contest. Below are the details of the same:

  • Poster presentation is open for PGs, Residents and Consultants

  • The size of the poster should be 4ft height by 3ft width.

  • The Poster should be printed on paper or flex.

  • Font should be large and readable from a distance of 3 meters.

  • Name and photograph of the presenter should be on the top right of the poster.

  • In case of PGs, name of the teacher and the institution should not be mentioned on the paper.

  • Posters should be set up in the allotted area not later than 1.00 pm on the designated day.

  • You can seek the help of the volunteers present in the poster presentation area to setup the poster.

  • Presenter should be available at the site of the poster presentation for Judges as per timing which will be announced.

Note : ISO Membership is not mandatory for Post Graduates.
  • Interesting Scientific papers are welcome in Otology, Neurootology, Audiology, Skull Base surgeries.

  • Free Paper session is open for PGs, Residents and Consultants.

  • Conference registration is mandatory for participation in the session.

  • Register for the Free Paper session by sending a confirmation mail with your Name, Email ID, Phone no, ISO Membership no and Conference Registration no. This should be accompanied by a abstract of the paper not exceeding 200 words.

  • Duration of the paper will be for 8 minutes.